Bicycle shop that have a website

Here is my collection of online bicycle shop list around East/West Coast of Malaysia. They’re  offering good deal. They have real shop too.

Here we go not in particular order.

Selangor / Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur Region.

Well later, I’ll be continue to update this list.

Happy bike shopping. And remember to cycle anytime you like.


Critical Mass (Translated)

There is a bike that cost above RM10K. There is a car out there with price tag of RM100K parking aside and take out their bikes that  god knows how much its cost and go cycle. Ride a motorbike ? There is a people that pay cash their superbike also come to celebrate critical mass. It is not about the ugly bike or not having so much money to begin with. Bicycle riding to wear helmets? If the speed just as strolling and no other type of motorized vehicle joint the party then what is the purpose of wearing the helmet? There is so many case that people who ride motorbike don’t wear their helmet. You just keep looking for the wrong doing of cyclist only. What about their rights? Even so, there is many car user don’t park their car according to law and they also don’t wear their seat belt.

Selamat Menyambut Aidilfitri Maaf Zahir Batin !


Begitulah hendaknya kita saling bermaafan dan mengucapkan antara satu sama lain. Nanti kalau ada yang bawak kenderaan tu kena la juga bertolak ansur. Takkan nak gaduh pada bulan Ramadhan ni? Masa hari raya pun yang bawak kenderaan tu memandu dengan berhati-hati dan ingat, kalau anda tak nampak kenderaan lain, belum tentu kenderaan lain nampak anda. Berhati-hati.

Jadi kalau dah sampai ke destinasi yang hendak di tuju bersyukurlah. Bila dah berjumpa sanak-saudara, ibu-bapa, kawan-kawan jangan lupa bermaafan.

Di sini saya ingin memohon maaf andai kata blog saya ini ada yang tak suka. Nadanya tak menggembirakan pembaca. Maklumla manusia.

Okey berhati-hati, kalau nampak orang naik basikal dan jalan kaki,  kita yang berkenderaan motor ni kena lebih berhati-hati.


Monday 4th August 2008 0730 to 0830 Watch TV3 Malaysia Hari Ini

Assalamualaikum and good day everybody.

It’s been a while since I feel very lazy to write this blog. Actually what I want to promote here, on that day above I mention, I’m in national Malaysian TV for the purpose of promoting bike to work. Just watch me on that day  and please give me a comment on it.

It is a time when somebody realize cycling is one of the most important mode of transportation. And hey they found me because of this blog. Thanks a lot WordPress.

Klang Valley Area Bike Shop and Such. Updated !

Klang Valley Area have many professional bike shop.
– For me this bike shop listed are pro shop because
they carry many high end bicycle parts and
mostly do their job professionally.

1. BikePro check them at (PJ SS24)

  • Got Scott, Specialized, Commencal. All good and expensive bike.

2. KSH Bicycle Sdn. Bhd  PJ SS2

  • Merida and KHS. MTB and Road bikes.

3. KSH Bicycle (TTDI) 34 Jalan Tun Mohd Fuad,Taman Tun Dr Ismail
(Near the Menara VADS, TTDI Damansara)

  • Merida, KHS, Bontrager many MTB here.

4. Tukang Basikal Fook Sang

  • Fuji, Jamis. Mainly on MTB and some road bike frame and parts.

5. Joo Ngan son, Edwin. (Near to One Utama, Old Uptown Damansara area)

  • Trek, Kona, Lemond.

6. Joo Ngan – At bridge junction near Ampang Point. (refer to Edwin site for further info)

  • Got many expensive bike. Be it road or MTB. Have Track Bike too.

7. Bicycleworld – 45 Jalan Bandar Satu Taman Melawati, Kuala Lumpur .

  • Polygon, Banshee and KHS bikes. MTB

8. Project Maheez. View,
( Lot 1-1 (1st Floor), Perdana The Place, Jalan PJU 8/5D. Bandar Damansara Perdana)

  • Excellent servive on MTB fork
  • Intense bike, mainly on high-end MTB.

Check Lerun Website they got so many bike Shop listing.
– Got Rodalink Chain Store and Lerun Specialty Shop
– Full authorized dealer listing in whole Malaysia.
– Polygon, Giant, Cinelli and Dahon Folding bike.

The best 2nd hand bike online posting in Malaysia,

From Fakawi Tribe, Bike bazaar buy and sell

Leave your car, ride your bike.
– The best health prescription. 🙂

The Bike to Commute.

It’s a nice oldschool steel bike with “S” bend on the seat tube. It’s comfortable and it’s fast. Hehehe I’m going faster each days. Now it just take me to my office at an average of 35-38 Km/h. Reduced my time to go to work furthermore last time 45 minutes, with my mtb. Reduced until 30 minutes only. But on road bike I’m able to make it to 25 minutes for 6 Km of commuting to work.

My Road Bike

Bike commute.

Hello everybody, I live in Malaysia, so this is my opinion. Here the culture of cycling began at 6 years old and ended at 17 years old. After that, it’s they are just too afraid to ride or to ashamed to ride.
It is because they would like to sacrifice themselves to buy another mode of transportation such as motorcycle and car and enslave their money to bank. Only if they started to work they would like to use  public transportation.
Here, there is no such thing as bike path. the curb of the road is uncycleable.
So whats the deal here about the bike shop? Everything, For commuting I think any bike would do. Just ride it to your work, school, shopping, to anywhere you would like to go. Commuter specific bicycle??? So what is your purpose to ride?

Hey Bangladeshi and some Indonesian here can do it. But Malaysian??? So to say that Malaysian can do it, I am the living proof until…. So people,  just keep on cycle to anywhere. As you would do when you are 6-17. As for me, now I’m 30.

A MTB is Reborn.

Assalamualaikum and hello all.

Well I just wanted to announce that my bike is reborn. Last time I just let my bike collecting dust and create white rust.

But as time goes by… and my money is enough, this upgrading and renewal of my bike parts can be done. Here it is. Enjoy.

If you are MTBikers you can comment. Otherwise, try to understand the beauty.

My Bike is Reborn