Bike commute.

Hello everybody, I live in Malaysia, so this is my opinion. Here the culture of cycling began at 6 years old and ended at 17 years old. After that, it’s they are just too afraid to ride or to ashamed to ride.
It is because they would like to sacrifice themselves to buy another mode of transportation such as motorcycle and car and enslave their money to bank. Only if they started to work they would like to use  public transportation.
Here, there is no such thing as bike path. the curb of the road is uncycleable.
So whats the deal here about the bike shop? Everything, For commuting I think any bike would do. Just ride it to your work, school, shopping, to anywhere you would like to go. Commuter specific bicycle??? So what is your purpose to ride?

Hey Bangladeshi and some Indonesian here can do it. But Malaysian??? So to say that Malaysian can do it, I am the living proof until…. So people,  just keep on cycle to anywhere. As you would do when you are 6-17. As for me, now I’m 30.


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