Still after 2 years….

Hi, all.

Still after 2 years, my blog is not so active. But Alhamdulillah Im still alive. There is so much going on in my live. My Emak Noriah Bt Samadi is now gone forever. I love her to the end.  Al Fatihah to her and all my family.

Bicycle shop that have a website

Here is my collection of online bicycle shop list around East/West Coast of Malaysia. They’re  offering good deal. They have real shop too.

Here we go not in particular order.

Selangor / Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur Region.

Well later, I’ll be continue to update this list.

Happy bike shopping. And remember to cycle anytime you like.

Critical Mass (Translated)

There is a bike that cost above RM10K. There is a car out there with price tag of RM100K parking aside and take out their bikes that  god knows how much its cost and go cycle. Ride a motorbike ? There is a people that pay cash their superbike also come to celebrate critical mass. It is not about the ugly bike or not having so much money to begin with. Bicycle riding to wear helmets? If the speed just as strolling and no other type of motorized vehicle joint the party then what is the purpose of wearing the helmet? There is so many case that people who ride motorbike don’t wear their helmet. You just keep looking for the wrong doing of cyclist only. What about their rights? Even so, there is many car user don’t park their car according to law and they also don’t wear their seat belt.

Critical Mass

Ada harga basikal kat situ dalam RM10K. Ada yang naik kereta harga RM100K parking tepi keluarkan basikal. Naik moto? Ada yang ada superbike bayar cash pun datang critical mass ni. Bukan pasal basikal buruk. Naik basikal pakai helmet? Kalau kelajuan pun santai je nak buat ape? Ade yang naik moto tak pakai helmet lagi la. Asyik nak cari salah orang lain je. Yang pakai kereta pun suka letak merata la … tak pakai tali pinggang keledar.